19 April 2010

Green Lantern's Brightest Days #15

#15 Justice League: Hearts and Minds

In spite of an effective threat establishing opening, Hearts and Minds was one of the weaker entries in Justice League's second season. Still, the episode did have a few gems for fans of the Emerald Knight and particularly of the Green Lantern Corps. In fact, this episode could well have been used as a pilot for a Green Lantern Corps series. Though Kilowog and Katma Tui had been seen in previous episode's it was here that their characters were given real development. For the first time in any format, Corps members aside from the "main human" were presented heroically at a more than superficial level.

The episode also gave some details about John Stewart's training under Katma Tui and of the ringbearer's need to muster great willpower to effectively wield the ring. It was also nice see Despero from the Lantern's rogue's gallery which usually only offers up Sinestro.

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