23 April 2010

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - The Batman vs Dracula

One of the best things that came out of The Batman series was 2005's surprisingly dark direct to video project Batman Vs. Dracula.

Even though it may sound silly, the movie was much grimmer than the TV series, pitting The Dark Knight against the original batman - Count Dracula. The movie was so dark in fact, that some scenes and blood references had to be edited for airing on Cartoon Network. Also, with double the capes, the animation in this movie was quite good maintaining the somber mood.

Of course, the two most overused villains from the series (Joker and Penguin) appeared here as well. Fortunately they were used pretty well with the Penguin forced to serve Dracula, and the Joker himself becoming a vampire (not the glitter in the sun sort either).

Another nice appearance was made by bone other than Vicki Vale. Arriving just after the series first lackluster season, this movie gave fans false hope that the series was going to get a lot better. Turns out this was just an outlier. Maybe it wasn't as good as other Batman animated movies that preceded it, but when measured against the standard set by The Batman, this was a home run.

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