23 April 2010

Green Hornet Buzzess Off to 2011

Production for the Green Hornet has not gone well. The movie had switched directors, main actors, and release dates before finally settling on December 17, 2010. Last week rumors leaked that the film is not shaping up well and this week it was announced the movie is moving to January 14, 2011. Suffice it to say January has traditionally been a dumping ground for movies. While Sony claims to move is to allow the now "Green Hornet 3D" to have more 3D screens, the truth is that direct competition in 2D or 3D against Tron, Narnia, and Harry Potter would have likely left little audience for the Hornet. So, maybe the move will be beneficial. Having said that, making the movie 3D is ridiculous and this 3D trend is really getting out of control. Sorry guys, this wont be the next Avatar.

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