28 May 2010

Tumnus is Professor X

Casting has begun for X-Men First Class which will be arriving in barely over a year. The first spot filled was that of Professor Charles Xavier who will be played by James McAvoy AKA Mr. Tumnus. Interesting...

So I guess if this is going to fit into X-Men continuity this will be set a long time before X-Men as the flashbacks in X-3 of young Jean Grey used an older (though horribly "de-aged" Patrick Stewart) Professor X than this looks to. I am not a huge fan of the reboot, but I hope they do go that route. That way they can use whichever X-Men they choose rather than not being able to use Kitty, Ice-Man, Angel and Rouge for sure and possibly not even being able to use Cyclops, Emma Frost, or Jean Grey if they are even trying to have things make sense.

Then again, maybe they will artificially age Tumnus for some scenes while use naturally unaged Tumnus to film flashbacks of a young Chaz.

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