28 May 2010

Announcing - Green Lantern: The Animated Series

GL:TAS is looking to join the legendary ranks of DC's B:TAS and S:TAS. This was initially rumored and reported here back in February along with the rumors of the Young Justice series. Thus far, there isn't much news to report other than that the series is in the works and will be CGI based (confirmed by WorldsFinestOnline). I for one think an animated series could be phenomenal and is a much better forum for telling stories like the Sinestro Corps War or even Blackest Night than a DTV could be. I hope they really take advantage of this opportunity in the way that the X-Men animated series did back in the 90s to deliver some epic adaptations of classic comic tales. I hope the CGI think pans out, that's the only think that has me nervous. I am hoping more its more like Clone Wars and less like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in Design.

Oh, and by the way there will also be a DTV in June and a live action GL move in July of 2011! Look out Superman, GL is gunning for your spot as the number 2 big shot at DC.

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