21 June 2011

Introducing The Crisis of Infinite Episodes

For the past little while I have been planning something big, dare I say epic. Some have undertaken challenges to watch and review every episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Others have attempted entire DC animated universe marathons. Child's play. I am embarking upon an adventure that will have me watch every episode of DC Comics superhero animation produced since the first Fleischer Superman short premiered 70 years ago. This quest will pit me against more than 40 animated series making up well over 1,000 animated adventures. Call me crazy, or come along for the ride to claim bragging rights rare among even the lowliest of geeks (at least among honest ones).

Starting tomorrow, every Monday through Friday I will post my brief thoughts on an superhero episode, taking occasional breaks to provide thoughts on a series as a whole or an animated movie. Flexibility will allow me to occasionally combine multi-part episodes into a single post or to expand anthology style episodes into multiple posts. Regardless, count on something EVERY day for the next few years! I will also generate an INDEX PAGE with links to each post organized by series, to serve as a guide to this ever expanding animated multiverse.

According to my calculations, this adventure would take over 5 years if DC never created another episode of animation. If, however, they continue to churn out these 'toons as they have (such as the recently announced Green Lantern and Batman computer animated series), I may end up with a crisis on hand, trapped in a challenge of infinitely expanding proportions. I want to be as comprehensive as possible, but I will be limiting my focus to characters that are part of the DC multiverse. Although characters such as Space Ghost have been published by DC Comics, they are not a part of the multiverse. Heck, there have been DC crossovers with Spawn, the Predator, and the entire Marvel / Amalgam universe, but those characters do not exist in the DC multiverse and so their shows will have to wait until some future date when I am up to an even greater challenge. Until then, I think I've got my hands full.

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