24 August 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes -The Deadly Dish

Lex Luthor was back, this time without Merlin. Instead he brought a kryptonite laser that could sap Superman's strength. He then hypnotized Lois, Jimmy, and Perry to place themselves in peril.

Best Part: Yay, a real villain with a real ploy, though fairly poorly thought out.

Worst Part: It was pretty ridiculous that Superman had to land a plane just because the landing gear got stuck. I mean, that plane was never in any serious danger. Why didn't he just pull down the landing gear. The other major problem with the episode is that this "deadly" laser became all of a sudden ineffective. I know Superman made a shield, but his strength returned instantly. I am realizing Lex wasn't yet the criminal mastermind we know and love.

Episode Count: 0035
Series Count: (18 of 60)

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