25 August 2011

Wonder Woman Pilot (2011) - Discount Review

Recommended For: Anyone disappointed that the upcoming Wonder Woman show was cancelled. By episode end they will be shouting Hallelujah.

Heroes: Wonder Woman, who is known publicly as Diana Themyscira head of Themyscira Inc., (which sells Wonder Woman action figures to fund Wondy's exploits). She also maintains an alter-ego as the vulnerable and anonymous Diana Prince.

Villains: Evil pharmaceutical company CEO, Veronica Cale

Diabolical Scheme: Cale made a super soldier serum that she wanted to sell to the military, but it had some harmful side effects that she tried to cover up. Oh, and some of the test subjects were slaves.

Coolest Moment(s): I have to say, the cargo room smack down was actually not half bad, especially Diana's lasso and bracelet tricks. Also, in spite of all the wailing and moaning, the costume actually looked all right.

Worst Moment: The board room scene regarding the large breasted action figure was embarrassing, and how many of those dolls must she sell anyways? Wonder Woman holding a press conference proclaiming she knew Cale was a criminal, but had no proof, was idiotic - especially when Wonder Woman's activities were clearly criminal. Throwing a pipe through a guard's throat was anything but heroic.

Review in 50 Words or Less: The parts with the costumed Wonder Woman were surprisingly the good parts. It was all the talky, whiny, graphic, and nonsensical dialogue that, had the show aired, would have stained Wonder Woman the old Batman and Robin style stink. Cannot imagine a decent show springing from this turd.

Recommended Discount Before Buying: Just wait for it to hit YouTube, or stream it here.

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