25 August 2011

Will an Extended Cut Give the Green Lantern Corps Their Due?

The Brothers Warner have officially announced an extended cut of Green Lantern for the Green-Ray Blu-Ray release on October 14. The first look at the box art via Toonzone features the Green Lantern Corps front and center likely leading many potential buyers to ask, "who are those guys?"


Although the Green Lantern Corps members were prominently featured in the marketing campaign for the movie, most of them were relegated to cameos. Even those who did get actual lines (Kilowog, Tomar-Re, and Sinestro) were all underdeveloped and under utilized. The press release indicates that the extended cut, running 123 minutes, will add an additional 9 minutes to the 114 minute theatrical cut. At least one Lantern has a good shot of being added to the film in the extended cut, John Stewart, who was rumored to have filmed a scene during the film's bar scene shortly before Hal's first construct. What other scenes in the 9 minutes of extra footage could help to redeem the Emerald Knight?

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