13 September 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Imp-Practical Joker

Uh-oh its Mr. Mxyzptlk making a carnival go crazy and putting Superman's mind to work.

Best Part: I loved Superman's first attempt to trick Mxyzptlk using a business card like the one he was just given. Hilarious fail Kal. It was nice that Superman really had to work for the win this time. It was also hilarious when Superman called him "Mr. Mixed Pickle."

Worst Part: When Mixy read Superman's smoke words, I am not sure what he said, but I am pretty sure the actor was basically just going "blah blah blah," Because it was gibberish.

Episode Count: 0049
Series Count: (32 of 60)
First Appearance: Mr. Mxyzptlk

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