14 September 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Superman Meets Brainiac

I know I already pointed it out after watching The Return of Brainiac, but this episode was clearly added out of order since Superman had already met Brainy. So, I guess Superman joined the circus. In an homage to the Fleischer short Terror on the Midway, Superman was going to wrestle Mr and Mrs Gigantic gorillas. Turns out Brainiac, who I swear Lois said didn't look like a "circus freak," was shrinking and stealing pairs of animals Noah style (except for the shrinking part). He also abducted Supes and Lois.

Best Part: I wish I had me some tiny elephants. In fact I would love to see a tiny zoo.

Worst Part: No giant gorillas :'( What a tease. I REALLY hate that Brainiac!

Episode Count: 0050
Series Count: (33 of 60)
Involuntary Shrinking Count: 0002

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