21 September 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Lethal Lightning Bug

A bug mutated into a monster that only Superman could stop. Holy cow! That lethal lightning bug laid waste to a croc. Superman was in for a "shock."

Best Part: As stupid as a bug villain was, at least that bug wasn't fooling around. He shot lightning bolts, exploded a blimp, and devastated a crocodile.

Worst Part: Let's be honest, when you are using lightning bugs as the antagonist, you are out of ideas. Once again, I swear they came up with a one-liner for Clark first ("I found it rather shocking") and worked backwards. They probably came down to a decision between electric eel or lightning bug and decided the bug was better because it could fly, but it needed to be big to be a real threat.

Episode Count: 0055
Series Count: (38 of 60)
Big Bugs Count: 0002

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