22 September 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Prankster

Sure enough, The Prankster, first seen in The Men From APE, was back for his first solo appearance. Unfortunately, the prank was on me.

Worst Parts: Wow, there was a lot wrong with this episode. I know he was the villain, but man that Prankster was a real weenie. Sadly, in this episode, so was Superman. Like a one armed man from Arrested Development, Superman spent most of the episode teaching the Prankster why pranking was bad by pranking him. His worst gag, like something out of a road runner cartoon, Superman pranked the Prankster by painting a fake road in front of a road that led into a river. Then he stooped to wearing a wire to rat out the Prankster.

Episode Count: 0056
Series Count: (39 of 60)

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