27 September 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Superman Meets His Match

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Superman was weakened by a kryptonite meteor, but wait, there's more. Inside the meteor was a kryptonite monster! Not only was the dude tough, but he could fly and also had heat vision. Yikes.

Best Part: I like the idea of a super beast, and I loved seeing old Supes fall to his classic maroon the creature in space remedy. Well done Kal!

Worst Part: If the creature, as Superman postulated, was his "fellow kryptonian" how was it that he traveled in a kryptonite shell? Wouldn't that have killed him. Instead, Superman defeated him with a tree!? Also, I am not sure dragging the beast off to space would work. If he had Superman's powers, couldn't he just fly back?

Episode Count: 0059
Series Count: (42 of 60)

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