01 October 2011

Sneak an Early Leaked Peek at Justice League Doom

A little birdie, or rather a fan of Nightwing has posted some early leaked screen captures from next Spring's animated Justice League: Doom including a first look as a rather scantily clad Star Sapphire (compared to previous onscreen portrayals). Enjoy!

 The leaked looks came from a sneak peek feature / trailer to be included with Batman: Year One.

Although not announced with the voice cast, the Martian Manhunter will face off against an evil Martian. B'enn B'urnzz perhaps? or is it Ma'alefa'ak J'onzz? or Jed Jarkus?

 Old Sandal Vavage (better known as Vandal Savage) may possibly be the Legions pulpit pounding leader.

 I am not 'lion' when I say Cheetah doesn't look too happy.

 Bane looks pretty bulky and even in sketch form has potential to be the best designed Bane onscreen to date.

 Is it just me or is yellow and olive green an odd color scheme for a guy names Mirror Master? I know this is true to the printed page, but the dude needs a makeover. 

 Metallo looks more machine than man, a good match up for the Cyborgian Cyborg.

 The Royal Flush gang, of the Spades variety, look ready to start some trouble.

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  1. Beyond Star Sapphire's costume resembling the new ones DC has been using since Green Lantern #18 (May 2007), Carol seems to have a new motivation. She states several times that she was forced to become the Sapphire by Hal's "betrayal" (although we weren't shown what that was). Note also that, after GL defeats her, he reaches into her solar plexus and removes the sapphire gem to de-power her. (You may note the star shape appearing in that area in the top photo in your article.)

    The Cheetah might not be happy due to that very high collar, which some commenters have likened to a neck brace.