31 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Deep Sea Dragon

Superboy battled a sea dragon that was angered when its egg got taken. Superboy got the gg back thanks to a knowledgeable marine biologist that just happened to be there. Then Superboy built a nice cozy cage for the dragon and its egg. I guess that wasn't enough story to fill six minutes because the egg got stolen again by yet another villain with his own personal submarine. The dragon freaked out again and Krypto kept her busy while Superboy got the egg back again. In the end, Superboy built the dragon a nice aquarium for her and the wee baby dragon. How sweet.

This was pretty darn lame.

Worst Part: How could Krypto pick up people? He doesn't have any thumbs!

Episode Count: 0081
Series Count: (04 of 33)

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