01 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Super-Clown of Smallville

The inevitable has happened. Before I committed to daily posts that traversed DC's animated library, I would have been foolish to not at least assess the possibility of being able to watch all of these various episodes. And mama didn't raise no fool. I have an extensive DVD collection of DC animation, in fact, I think I own every episode DC has released. Unfortunately, there are scads of shows that have not yet received a complete home video release including The Adventures of Superboy (as well as seasons 2 and 3 of the New Superman Adventures, Shazam!, The Plastic Family, Baby Plas, assorted Super Friends, most of Static Shock, season 2 of The Legion of Superheroes, and on, and on). Nevertheless, I was confident that through creative and resourceful means I would be able to get my grubby paws on these episodes when the time came. Well, so far I have been 100% correct, until now.

Cartoon Network has been good to superheroes from days past and syndication has made many of the older series accessible, but for some strange reason, the only version of this particular episode of Superboy I was able to obtain was from CN's Brazilian station, in Portuguese. So, in fairness, I did watch the episode keeping true to my commitment, but I may not have picked up on all the plot details. TV.com also gave this episode synopsis, A wealthy old man promises to give a large amount of money to anyone who can make him laugh. Clark Kent and Krypto attempt to make him laugh but fail miserably. Later, however, Clark must reveal himself as Superboy to the old man in order to save an airplane that is about to crash. The old man begins to laugh because he thinks that the idea that Clark Kent wants him to believe that he is Superboy is hilarious. With this description, the episode makes a lot more sense...

Basically, there were a bunch of clowns laughing at some old dude. Then Superboy showed up and had Krypto tie him up with a steel bar. He fell down. The old man didn't laugh and neither did I. Then he chewed gum and blew a giant bubble that made him fly. It popped. He fell. No one laughed. Then Clark Kent went to the old man's house and had to leave to save an airplane, but the old man thought it was all just a 'hilarious' rouse. You know, he didn't seem like that tough of a nut to crack if that made him crack up.

Episode Count: 0082
Series Count: (05 of 33)

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