02 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Visitor from the Earth's Core

And the Krypto saga continues. Doing a little more research, I discovered that back in the Golden Age comics, Krypto DID have a secret identity AND disguise. As Skip, the Kent family dog, Krypto wore a dyed patch of fur that could be dissolved with heat vision upon transformation into Superdog. How ridiculously marvelous!

In this episode, Superboy retrieved a "glowing onyx ball" from deep beneath the earth. Then a monster came out... Bet you can't guess what happened. The ball was really an egg. Didn't we just have this episode with a sea dragon. I really hope this mama wants egg theme stops here. Anyways, Krypto and Superboy incubated the egg with heat vision and luckily they didn't incinerate the baby.

Best Part: At least this time the egg only had to be returned once.

Worst Part: The monster looked like a poorly rendered polygon creature from the early days of Nintendo 64. And why did they add the bit about the creature from the Earth's core actually being from outer space?

Episode Count: 0083
Series Count: (06 of 33)

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  1. Had the comic book this cartoon was based on. The creature was quite a bit more colourful and complicated there, but it's clearly the same story.