09 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Black Knight

Another weird thing about this show is that Pa Kent owns a general store instead of running the farm. Maybe that was consistent with the comic at the time, so whatever, just one of those odd things.

Anyways, this episode managed to mix things up a bit when Superboy's friend Timmy accidentally wished himself back in time. Fortunately, Superboy was able to nonchalantly do a little time traveling himself by spinning real fast. He spun until he went back in time to the age of Merlin.

Now this was the second time I had seen Merlin watching these episodes. The first time he helped Lex Luthor via some magic marbles or something and this time he was helping the evil black knight. So am I missing something? In the 60's was Merlin considered a bad guy? I had pretty much assumed he was always a good wizard. I mean, I am not going to get too worked up since the rest of this episode also made no sense, even putting the time travel aside. Superboy proved his valor by pulling a sword from an anvil. I am guessing that since Arthur was the king, at some point he must have pulled the sword from the stone and then inserted it into the anvil for some reason. After pulling the sword out, Superboy accidentally managed to let the black knight take it, only to be duped into reinserting the sword into the anvil. That little show got the knight and Merlin arrested, but Merlin escaped and Superman spun real fast again.

Best Part: Hey, at least there wasn't an alien or a monster attack this time around.

Worst Part: Alas, no time traveling for Krypto.

Episode Count: 0088
Series Count: (11 of 33)

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  1. It seems like there are some versions of the King Arthur mythos where Merlin is a bad guy, or at least morally ambiguous.