10 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Operation Counter Invasion

So here is a little off topic bit of tid. Yesterday I contemplated whether or not Merlin's portrayal in these toons was inconsistent with the character. I did a little research, and although a lot of this is conjecture, I learned that back in the day Merlin was often portrayed as a morally ambiguous character. Although perhaps not an evil man, he has certainly not always been portrayed as upright as a Gandalf the White or even a Dumbledore. So why do I have that idea in my head? I am blaming it on the Disney's animated The Sword in the Stone which came out in 1963, just a couple years prior to these Filmation episodes. I am asserting that The Sword in the Stone has influenced the perception of Merlin for me and others of my generation with heads full of mush. At least that's my theory. Any takers?

Anyways, on the topic of "might makes right" in this episode some invaders were frightened away when Superboy tricked them into thinking all humans were super powered like him. Bravo old boy.

Best Part: Superboy used his brain!

Worst Part: Turns out Superboy was just a shill for the US gov'ment.

Episode Count: 0089
Series Count: (12 of 33)

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