30 November 2011

Is This Really Spidey's Lizard? Yikes!

Our Russian comrades have leaked a clear first alleged look the Lizard from next Summer's Amazing Spider-Man. Hopefully this is a delayed image from a communist era Spider-Man fan film, because I think this looks ridonculous. Sadly, our friends at PEZ make us think it may be all too legit. (Too legit to quit, hey hey. )

A couple of days ago, this image of an upcoming Lizard PEZ dispenser leaked on the Interweb. Consistent with the Russian image, this Lizard has a human shaped head that just looks strange.

I do hold out some hope though based on the leaked image from last Summer's Comic Con. Even though the quality is terrible, this Lizard definitely looks more reptilian, so maybe the metamorphosis occurs throughout the film with the Lizard Man being just an early stage. In any case, What is Sony thinking? Just like Warners has taken control of releasing images of Catwoman and Bane, Sony should have just gone ahead and released a decent looking image on their own terms. We are going to see him eventually and it would be better if our first impression wasn't from PEZ.

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