28 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Neanderthal Caveman Caper

When a caveman pulled a Captain America, thawing out of a chunk of ice, some bandits decided to play some mind games on the big dummy. After torturing the caveman dressed as Superboy, the heist was on. When Superboy showed up at a crime scene, old cavie fought back until he decided he was Superboy and Krypto's best friend.

Best Part: Superboy promised the caveman a life of luxury while being studied by scientists. Nice poker face Superboy.

Worst Part: I really have no idea what was going on here. The first off, how do you just accidentally find a frozen cavemen. I mean, I saw Encino Man, but these crooks didn't. Second, the caveman wasn't very effective. He basically gave Superboy a hug and then they became fast friends. Maybe the crooks should have upped the torture a bit. Third, what was the crooks plan? They stole a flying manned drill. What were they gonna do with it? Drill a hole in a cloud? What a strange caper.

Episode Count: 0101
Series Count: (24 of 33)
Doppelganger Count: 0005

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