02 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - King Superboy

You know Clark, flying out of your dad's store window may give you away. But onto bigger issues. So, this is the second time in the past few episodes that a star just appeared and started causing problems. Last time it was the rogue star, this time it was a "small sun." Now, if a small sun really appeared, it would be a pretty big deal. A small sun could still be quite enormous; luckily Superboy was able to just shatter it with a punch. Look, I am no astronomer, but aren't suns made of gas? I don't think a punch would work, nor could a sun shatter.

After exploding a sun, Superboy discovered a planet nearby where he was heralded for exploding the artificial sun (though no mention of him being a king was ever made). Turns out another species had a sun generator (and a friendly dragon) and Superboy vowed to destroy their machine. Superboy beat off a barrage of sun balls and left the planet to float forever in space with no explanation of where is came from. Did people in the 60's really think there were other inhabited planets in our solar system? That's the thing about this show. How many alien species are there? Are we really supposed to believe that if it weren't for Superboy / man the Earth would have been invaded like 50 times? Good thing he arrived when he did.

Best Part: Sometimes I am so baffled by these episodes that I just really have nothing to praise.

Worst Part: I thought I was watching Shrek the way Krypto and the dragon were making goo goo eyes at one another. I really hope dragon pups don't show up in a later episode.

Episode Count: 0105
Series Count: (28 of 33)

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