05 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Double Trouble, Double Doom

In a classic case of act first, ask questions later, Superboy beat the snot out of a flying saucer which turned out to be some space police. To be fair, the ship did have giant rotating blades and was cutting the tops off of mountains. Suffice it to say, Superboy ended up catching the crooks who had set off to slice up a solid gold planet.

Best Part: At some point, Superboy got a nice ride on a missile, a past time he would continue to enjoy as depicted in the New Adventures of Superman.

Worst Part: What kind of planet is solid gold. Come on! Even the trees were made of gold, that doesn't even make sense unless King Midas somehow set foot there and everyone was dead. If so, fine let the crooks have their gold. Who cares.

Episode Count: 0106
Series Count: (29 of 33)

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