08 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Monster Molecule

Even time travel couldn't save this dud. Superboy had to go to the future to get a really big molecule.

Best Part: You might say Superboy and Superman are related. Its nice to see that even 1,000 years in the future, Superboy protects his identity... wait a sec! I just realized this is a pretty stupid comment. First off, how would Superboy even know who Superman was? Second, why not just admit he was Superman? Whats the big secret? It had nothing to do with him being Clark Kent.

Worst Part: I dont care how many atoms are in a molecule, wouldn't one molecule still be really small? I know a mole has 6 x 10^23 atoms and a mole of iron weighs less than two ounces. So, that giant rock would have quite a few atoms in it to be that size. You may say I am nitpicking, but its not like I am a chemist and its a pretty obvious mistake to me.

Episode Count: 0109
Series Count: (32 of 33)

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