09 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Great Kryptonite Caper

This was a fun little caper and a nice way to end the series. It makes me wonder if Lana having a kryptonite necklace was an idea that sprang from the comics because of course that notion would be a huge plot point throughout the first few seasons of Smallville. By the way, nice fashion sense Lana. Does that thing get heavy?

Best Part: Yes, it was ridiculous, but everything about Superman's decoy necklace, from the folding of a giant emerald to the lowering down from thousands of feet on a fishing line through a roof was classic.

Worst Part: The fact that the thief dropped a rock and couldn't find it, in broad daylight, in the wide open was awfully convenient to the story.

Episode Count: 0110
Series Count: (33 of 33)

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