28 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - In Again, Out Again Penguin

Ah man! Its the Penguin again. The first lesson the jailers hould learn is that its not a good idea to let Penguin keep his umbrella collection or inflatable Penguin balloon with him while incarcerated.

Of course, since Catwoman steals cats and Penguin steals eggs, Penguin stole a museumed bat to frame Batman. Makes perfect sense, I mean who else would steal a bat. Of course, Pengy also happened to have a spare batarang to plant in order to frame Batman. Not sure why the "Maltese Bat" was so expensive, but the keystone cops wasted no time trying to arrest Batman and Robin. Strangely, Batman's strategy was to pretend to be guilty to lure the real criminal out again.

Okay, so it seems like Batman pretending to be a thief was a common plot for this show, which is pretty stupid. I mean after clearing his name the first time, you would think the cops would be careful not to be made fools of again. I guess Batman confessing didn't really help his case. Anyway, Penguin got caught and sent back to the same jail cell that he had been sneaking in and out of all along. Hopefully they took away his umbrella this time. This was kind of a waste. At least it was one of the short ones.

Episode Count: 0170
Series Count: (6 of 34)

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