30 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Long John Joker

Batgirl became suspicious of Joker after he checked out a few too many pirate themed books from the library. Nice to know the Joker made good use of public services rather than just stealing the books.

Joker was pretending to be making a home pirate movie, not pirated movies mind you, but a home movie about pirates. But alas, it was all a ruse. In fact, it was kind of a give away that Joker hadn't done his research when he didn't realize that a two-legged man had no need of a peg leg. As it turned out, he was on a hunt for buried pirate treasure... and the show just jumped another shark. First off, I am not sure treasure hunting is a crime, but Batman seemed hell bent on stopping the Joker from finding the treasure, which turned out to be counterfeit anyway. The Batcrew actually  stumbled on the treasure first and then planted an empty treasure to tease the Joker. Somehow this all led to a cannon ball fight between the pirate ship and bat boat. In the end, and I kid you not, Joker was locked up for making a movie without a permit.

Episode Count: 0172
Series Count: (8 of 34)

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