29 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Deep Freeze

 Oddly, this depiction of Mr. Freeze sounded like he was doing a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression (with a little Count Dracula mixed in) as he fanned himself with a Popsicle. We even got plenty of ice puns including Batman saying, "Freeze Freeze!" or was it "Freeze, freeze!"

As we head into the back half of this series, I can see that picking a top 5 is going to be pretty tough once again. This series is just dull. Thankfully, 22 minutes a pop is a lot more tolerable than 45. In any case, maybe if I understood the appeal of ice puns, I would have enjoyed this more. What's with Mr. Freeze that brings out such lazy humor? The other thing I didn't understand was why Freeze's parka wearing sidekick was a professor. Shouldn't Freeze have been working for him instead? I am also pretty sure that the episode of Care Bears that I saw as a kid with Professor Coldheart and his sidekick Frostbite borrowed liberally from this... which makes you wonder why they couldn't find something better to rip off. Sadly, I would rather watch the Care Bears.

Episode Count: 0227
Series Count: (10 of 15)

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