19 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Trouble Identity

Old Professor "Once-ler" invented the Loraxian Thneed maker, a machine that converted garbage into any fabric you wanted, including fur. Catwoman not only stole the device but used it to quickly knit a Batgirl costume and wig, framing the innocent lass. Too bad she didn't make herself a new Catwoman getup since the orange design in this series was perhaps the characters worst onscreen design to date.

Obviously the plot was ridiculous, but the episode was actually an improvement over the first two. Maybe I'm just a sucker for doppelgangers. After evading Cat-missiles, and Cat-bots, the Bat-Friends finally brought Catwoman to justice and cleared Batgirl's good name. On the other hand, just when I had forgotten about Bat-Mite he appeared just to give the episode one extra "thrill." That Mite really hasn't added much to the series so far. Good thing he has a two-parter coming up.

Episode Count: 0220
Series Count: (3 of 15)
Doppelganger Count: 0010

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