18 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Moonman

Who is the mysterious and lame Moonman? Maybe the only other character introduced in the episode for no other possible reason. Lets hope he doesn't show up again any time soon.

The Moonman's MO was to return moon resources to the moon, including a moon rock, and some rails on a roller coaster. Really? The roller coaster was made from moon metal. Seems a little inefficient. Another note to self, bumper cars are not great getaway vehicles. At least there was some detectiving here, but this was an otherwise terrible excuse for an adventure which quickly elevated from petty theft to an earth threatening theft of the moon itself.  We also learned that Bat-Mite had the hots for Batgirl... but who wouldn't?

Episode Count: 0219
Series Count: (2 of 15)

1 comment:

  1. Odd that you never mention that Bruce Wayne's best friend, the guy who becomes MoonMan, is clearly meant to be OJ Simpson. (I didn't pick up on that myself, but a friend who is much more into sports says that the likeness is so uncanny that it has to be intentional.)