23 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - State of the DC Nation

After a year of week-daily doses of DC animation its time its time to expand into the oh so cartoon friendly territory of Saturday mornings. Starting next week, every Saturday will offer up a Crisis of Infinite Episodes post focusing on the minute-long DC Nation animated shorts. Sure, you already have the schedule guide, but this will give me the chance to post my reactions

Since the debut of DC Nation in March, there have been weeks with up to four or five new DC episodes meaning that I am making no progress on my quest to watch 'em all. I figure an extra 52 posts a year might help me pick up the pace. You might wonder how much I can say about 1-minute long shorts, in some cases, quite a lot!

I also thought this a good time to summarize and rank from my favorite to least favorite the sets of shorts that have emerged thus far:

Super Best Friends Forever (4 aired so far, at least 1 more to air) - Best episode: Time Waits for No Girl
New Teen Titans (7 aired so far, 1 teased [Movies]) - Best episode: Turn Back the Clock
Sword of the Atom (4 aired so far) - Best episode: A Choice of Dooms
Animal Man (4 aired so far) - Best episode: Beach
Plastic Man (3 aired so far, at least 1 more to air) - Best episode: Boobtube
Vibe (2 aired) - Best episode: Enter Extrem-O Part Two
スーパーマン @ Tokyo (2 aired so far) - Best episode: #2
MAD Presents (5 aired so far) - Green Care Bear
DC's World's Funnest (4 aired so far, 1 more online [#5], 5 more planned) - Best episode: #5

Announced series yet to air include:

Amethyst Princess of Gemworld
Doom Patrol
Thunder and Lightning
Shade, the Changing Man
Justice League of Animals
Doctor Fate

I would also like to throw out some ideas for DC Nation shorts and would love to hear other people's as well.

Dex-Starr's Midnight Runners
The Misadventures of Aquaman and Mera
Bat-Mite Presents
Something with Firestorm and Deathstorm
The Robins
The Exploits of the Crime Syndicate
Batmen of all Universes
DC Grudge Matches