10 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Bartman Begins

In 1990, everyone was doing the Bartman thanks to a song written and produced (without credit) by Michael Jackson. Shortly thereafter in 1991, The Simpsons series introduced The Bartman as Bart Simpson's alter ego. The disguise was first shown in season two's, Three Men and a Comic Book as Bart hoped his costume would earn him free admission to a comic book convention. And if it was any wonder, Bartman is a parody of Batman.

For years, not much was heard of the Bartman, but in 2007 his origin tale was told during the season 18 anthology episode, Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times. Taking its lead from the then recently released Batman Begins film, Revenge offered up, Bartman Begins. 

After the Bartman's parents were shot down in an alley behind the opera, complete with an image of falling pearls, the young orphan began his training to get revenge on Snake Jailbird, though some other villains got taken down along the way including The Toker.

The Diddler, Mr Mole, and Sugar & Spice also fell to the vigilante crime fighter. A Batman and Robin inspired Poison Lenny was another casualty to the Bartman's justice. Finally, the Serpent would be revealed as the killer of Bartman's parents and he would be executed in a very un-Batmanlike manner.

In all, it was fun for the Caped Crusader to get this little tribute with the highlights belonging mostly to the clever villain names and designs, my favorite being the Diddler.

And here is the "Do the Bartman" music vid and dance move that got it all started.

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