14 July 2012

See the Cat Woman of Shanghai

I have a new favorite DC Nation short series. The Bat Man of Shanghai reimagines the world of Batman in 1930's China. This first short focused on Cat Woman and it was a stylized treat.

Video embedded below

Cat Woman got to let loose with her trademark whip.

The short was light on story - if there was a story at all - but that's just fine. Story is what has bogged down the otherwise superb Sword of the Atom. 1-minute of awesome animation is just fine with me. 

The short also teased Bane, who will be the focus  of next weeks episode.

There are at least 3 of these Bat Man of Shanghai shorts planned with Bat Man himself appearing in two weeks from today. With the choice of characters, this is a great tie in to The Dark Knight Rises! I wonder if perhaps Ra's Al Ghul will make an appearance in episode 4?


  1. Man in har was... BANE???!!! This thiny skeleton? Wtf?! Bane must be laaaarge! >.<

    Cat woman not black, but good designed) When we will see a Batman himself?

  2. Rock on, yo! Can't wait for more of this series!