09 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Demons of Exxor

You loved the Wonder Twins, what about Wonder Planet? Apparently, everyone on Exxor not only has the same barber as Zan and Jayna, but they wear the same outfit. After all its hard to beat the practicality of a high collared purple jumpsuit. Unfortunately, they seem to lack the same shape changing ability as the twins, which means only Zan can be an "ice giant." Of course, even though ice giant sounds like a much better form than "bucket of water" it proved about as effective. 

I quite enjoyed the look of the episode's Lord Darkon and the episode's sci-fi vibe. The show was definitely now under the shadow of Star Wars, which at least for this episode, wasn't a bad thing. It was much improved over the alien dino and hopefully, the new season is finding its groove.

And is it just me, or was this a pretty creative nod to Starro the Conqueror's first appearance. Kudos, even if was by accident. 

Episode Count: 0295
Series Count: (3 of 32)

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