10 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Invasion of the Fearians

I always loved this one as a kid. I loved how the Legion of Doom was able to trick the Super Friends into using their own powers to destroy the Earth. And I still love it.

Flash made steam to increase the temperature, Aquaman made a giant Tsunami (oops) and GL moved the planet so that Earth ended up being habitable by Venusians. One the Friends figured out what was going on, they were able to defeat the Legion in about 30 seconds. They just really needed to work on their "lock-up strategy." The Legion may not be good at conquering the Earth, but they are masters of the escape. Again, the show is pretty silly, but clever schemes like this one are a ton of fun. I was going to complain that Aquaman shouldn't need a jet ski, but I guess I don't walk everywhere. Maybe he is just lazy.

Episode Count: 0296
Series Count: (4 of 32)

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