25 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Giants of Doom

It was Bizarro's chance to shine and to his credit he was able to "giantize" the Legion.  All it took was splitting the moon in half. Thankfully, Superman was able to weld it back together.

Once the Legion were giants,  they made "short" work of the League and launched them to Saturn. Of course, in the last 3 minutes all was made right. Just like the last Legion episode, this one was fine, but sort of pointless. I mean, once the League was gone, it didn't really matter how big the Legion of Doom members were. They didn't really take full advantage of their height. The showdown with the giant League was a nice touch, but again a missed opportunity as the height of the characters was not really ever an issue.

Episode Count: 0306
Series Count: (14 of 32)

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