18 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Pied Piper From Space

After Sinbad the space pirate, now its time for the pied piper from space. Yeah, I get it. Space was big, but what's next? Snow White and the 7 astronauts from space? For some reason, Senor Piper came by way of a flying Simon game... which I guess at least is better than a space sail boat.

Although the episode started off a little worrisome full of Children of the Corn, I perked up when I heard that Superman and Wonder Woman would be sent to the antimatter universe to meet evil duplicates! I've always been a sucker for alternate realities - unfortunately rather than evil doppelgangers all we got was a flyer saucer that was a darker shade of gray and the episode failed to be saved from another borefest and a super lame kid. 

Oh and there were also giant wasps.

Episode Count: 0301
Series Count: (9 of 32)
Big Bugs Count: 0008

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