15 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Sinbad and the Space Pirates

No, its not Treasure Planet, though that might have been better. I mean, who doesn't like pirates, but just like in Treasure Planet, the idea of flying, space worthy, sailboats is pretty stupid.

 I also have to wonder why there were piles of gold buried under Mexico City. I admit it was a little clever how they explained the location of the other treasure stashes (extra magnetism in the Bermuda Triangle, marked by Stonehenge) but for the most part this was a dull one with the Friends chasing Sinbad around the globe. Even the Wonder Twins just settled for a pelican and a mouthful of water.  Too bad Sindbad didn't do a comedy routine to liven things up.

Episode Count: 0299
Series Count: (7 of 32)

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