21 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Challenge of the Super Friends Recap

I have to admit, that was a fun ride.  For the most part, the Legion of Doom episodes were all a lot of fun. And even with 13 villains, it felt like they all got a pretty fair chance at getting the spotlight.. I am not sure if Grundy was ever the star, but what do you expect from that guy. On the other hand, the other set of adventures were a mixed bag. The Wonder Twins have quickly become more of a liability than anything else. They rarely contributed to the adventures, and their transformations have become a tad stale. I don't mind them being around sometimes, but they felt forced into several of the episodes. Still, even the non-Legion episodes had some stand outs amid the stinkers.

Essential Five:

1. Secret Origins of the Super Friends. This is one of my all time favorite superhero episodes. Not only does it manage to concisely, but faithfully tell three origins, but it showed how just a slight change in events could have robbed the world of its heroes.

2. The Time Trap. Another masterpiece. I particularly loved how Aquaman was able to alert the Friends of his whereabouts in the past, even if it was done with a tad too much precision.

3. The Final Challenge. Loved the individual contests between heroes and villains. 

4. Terror From The Phantom Zone. Easily the best of the non-Legion episodes. It expanded Superman's mythology by introducing krazy red and bodacious blue kryptonite, and Phantom Zone baddies - always a treat. The Supermobile, and old man Kal were added treats.

5. Battle Of The Gods. Another solid one. This mash-up of comics and mythology kept a steady pace by throwing creative challenges at the heroes.

Series Stinkers:

Swamp of the Living Dead wasn't that bad, but of the Legion episodes, it was the weakest.

Invasion of the Brain Creatures on the other hand was awful. Flying brains belong in the comedic Futurama, not here. It wasn't just a dumb idea, it was also a real bore. I tell you though, there were a couple of other episodes that could have just as easily won the stinker label (Rokan and Anti-Matter Monster) I'm thinking of you.

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