08 March 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Freedom Force Recap

Well, that was interesting, except it wasn't. While not horrible, this was one of the most disposable, forgettable shows I have ever seen. Although I don't understand why only 5 episodes were ordered, I don't think more episodes would have changes that fact that this group of heroes didn't really belong together - and that's not good. Its one thing if you are talking about The Avengers. Its interesting to see Hulk and Cap and Thor and Iron Man all teaming up. Not so much with Merlin and Sinbad. Wait, was Sinbad even in this?

Of all the heroes, I think Isis may have been given the most to do, along with Herc and Super Samurai, but I am still not really sure I know anything about her other than that she has lots of powers including flight, weather manipulation, and magic. I think she also likes Egypt, but that's just a guess based on her name and outfit.

None of the episodes was a disaster, but none really stood out either. I will pick The Robot as the must see episode, because at least it was about teamwork, which seems important for a team show. Then again, I don't really get what the point of the team was... Freedom, I guess. Hopefully Isis will get a little better treatment next time around.

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