05 March 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Plant Soldiers

So far, even though Isis is technically a DC character, this series has very little connection to the greater DC universe, or to any recognizable universe  for that matter. I am not even sure where the Freedom Force are stationed (in space? in the post apocalyptic future? ancient Egypt? who knows). I doubt that in any of my future viewing, any show will have as tenuous of ties to the Crisis of Infinite Episodes quest as this. Nevertheless I must proceed.

At least this time, Isis (along with "Herc") was the center of the episode giving her the chance to show off several powers. After Isis demonstrated some body multiplication  power (think Superman II) to cheat at hide and seek, she was off to watch some workers build pyramids at which time she used telekinesis. She attempted to use a freezing power, but was captured by plants under the power of Osiris. Luckily, plants don't make great soldiers, wink wink.

Episode Count: 0327
Series Count: (3 of 5)

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