07 March 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Robot

In this, the already final outing, the team was out-heroed by a giant robot who capped an erupting volcano. Would that even work? The robot's pilot, however, demanded a reward. The interesting thing is that he not only revealed himself to be from the 27th century, "in the future," but claimed that the Freedom Force also didn't belong in that time. I am taking this to mean that the show was set in the past, but that the heroes were from different times and were inexplicably living in that time period... strange indeed. I guess that's why the intro refers to a "valley of time." Whatever that means.

Maybe my expectations are just ridiculously low, but I found myself enjoying this one a bit. The glory hog robot challenged the Force to challenges. He was out strengthed by Herc, out raced by Super Samurai, and ultimately out heroed by teamwork.

Episode Count: 0329
Series Count: (5 of 5)

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