18 March 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Universe of Evil

Opening with a wicked twist, the Super "Friends" are shown busting a dam and flooding a city. Huh!? Turns out these friends are actually Super Enemies. In this alternate universe, not only does Aquaman wear an eye-patch, but Robin has a mustache and Superman goes heavy on the eye shadow.

Apparently, the key to traveling between worlds is in squeezing Volcanoes which results in the Superman having a Mirror Mirroresque adventure in one of the all time classic episodes of Super Friends. Its a darned shame that this episode has never been officially released, at least then I would know if Batman's costume was supposed to be pink. 

Oh yeah, don't mess with Evil Gleek. It is a shame though that Superman never made good on his promise to return and deliver justice to the alternate world.

Episode Count: 0334
Series Count: (5 of 8)

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