22 March 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The World's Greatest Super Friends Recap

The World's Greatest Super Friends stands out among the many seasons of Super Friends for going all out with the idea of "Super Friends meets fill in the blank." Although there were just 8 episodes,the season's theme was unique enough to distinguish them from the other 100+ episodes of the various Super Friends series. In fact, its good that after hitting the highlights of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings the series once again redefined itself. Super Friends meets E.T. or Super Friends meets Goonies may not have been as compelling and would have come off as more parody than anything else.

Essential Three:

1. Universe of Evil - Even if the idea of evil versions of characters is not wholly original, this episode nailed the execution delivering one of the most memorable Super Friends episodes of all time.

2. The Lord Of Middle Earth - Yes, its just Super Friends meets Lord of the Rings, but once you get over the ridiculous premise, it was a fun fantasy themed episode. 

3. The Planet of Oz - Again, this one was sort of so outrageous that it kinda worked. Plus with Mxyzptlk, you can get away with a lot.

Series Stinkers:

The two most disappointing episodes, Terror At 20,000 Fathoms and The Superfriends meet Frankenstein both opted for lower profile mash-ups. Both had plenty of pandering with Kandorians and composite heroes, but they lacked the epic scope that made the best episodes compelling enough to overcome their utter lack of logic.

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