19 March 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Terror at 20,000 Fathoms

This episode could also have been called "Holy Robo-Doppelganger Batman!" or "Captain Don't Call Him Nemo's Real Estate Scheme." As crazy as it sounds, the plots to use kryptonite laced missiles to sink continents sounded like a hybrid of Superman: The Movie and Superman Returns, in other words, not good. Not sure if Captain Nimoy is a real character either, or just a mix between Abraham Lincoln in a baseball cap and Spock.

Even though this episode wasn't the greatest, it did have a tour of Superman's fortress of solitude including a look at the Bottle City of Kandor and tiny Kandorians who were not too happy with Gleek shaking their bottle. They were easily the episode's highlight even if they were awfully strong for their size. Why not enlist them more often?

Episode Count: 0335
Series Count: (6 of 8)

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