03 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Dr. Irwin and Mr. Meteor

Dr Irwin, already a super dork gained Superman III cyborgian powers from a meteor which also made him super evil apparently. It was fun watching Plas get beat up, Penny's whining is already getting incredibly annoying. And cyborg Penny was lame. As anyone from the Star Wars series would say, I have a bad feeling about this. 33 episodes to go and I suspect is gonna be a slog. At least this one was only 10 minutes. Since I really don't have anything else to say about this episode, let me take a tangent. Why "Plastic Man?" Plastic isn't even stretchy, is it? Shouldn't he be Flexi Man, Booger Man, or the ultra obvious Rubber Man?

Episode Count: 0339
Series Count: (2 of 35)

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