02 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Weed

Its days like today I think this whole "watch every episode" gimmick is a bad idea. With just 1 episode in to this Plastic Man series and 34 to go, I am already wishing I could just get on to Batman: The Animated Series already. This episode was just so bland and ironically "stretched out."

The Weed was the episodes villain, and as you can imagine, a guy with a turnip face isn't too exciting - even if he has a super plant growth formula.

I will be upfront and admit I am not exactly sure of the airing order of these episodes, so I am going to trust the order of the DVD release which kind of makes sense because each week there was one 22 minute and one 11 minute episode - the same as on the DVD. Anyways, assuming this is the correct order, this episode also introduced Plas' supporting cast. "Bad Luck" Hula AKA Hula Hula, an underused Hawaiian stereotype and Penny, an unrequited love interest / partner as well as the Chief who sends the team out on missions. Like the rest of the episode, I found this group to be on the bland and cheesy side.
Episode Count: 0338
Series Count: (1 of 35)
First Appearance: Hula Hula
First Appearance: Penny
First Appearance: Chief


  1. Thanks for taking this on! I was a big fan of the show, but I didn't start watching until a few weeks into the 1979 Fall season.

    I believe the 1st episode I saw featured Superstein or Dr. Dome. If "The Weed" had been the 1st I'd watched, I probably would've quit watching.
    As for my favorite villains, I thought Disco Mummy was funny at the time, and Dr. Dinosaur reminded me of the Lizard (from Spider-Man). This series has been sitting in my Netflix queue for a while, maybe it's best to remember enjoying when I was 8.

    1. There are some okay episodes coming up, in fact Disco Mummy is one of the best! It might be fun to rewatch some of the episode, but I would not recommend a complete series run.