01 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Plastic Man

Although originally created by Quality Comics, Plastic Man has long since been integrated into the mainstream DC Universe, hence his all too brief cameo in the first season of Super Friends.

Beginning in 1979,  The Plastic Man Comedy / Adventure Show created by Ruby-Spears Productions began airing after Super Friends giving Plastic Man the much deserved spotlight. Like other packages such as Tarzan and the Super 7, segments featuring various characters contributed to the show's content including Plastic Man, Mighty Man and Yukk, Fangface and Fangpuss, and Rickety Rocket. In all 35 Plastic Man segments were produced, some 11 minutes long and others a double length 22 minutes, with new episodes airing in 1979 and 1980.

The Plastic Man adventures focused on Plastic Man, his girlfriend Penny, and his Polynesian sidekick Hula-Hula who battle worldwide threats on assignments from the Chief. The Plastic Man segments would eventually spawn Baby Plas and Plastic Family segments which would also air as a part of The Plastic Man Comedy / Adventure Show in 1980.

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