30 May 2013

Onscreen History of Quicksilver

Pietro Maximoff AKA Quicksilver is about to get his big chance. The mutant child of Magneto and Marvel's arguably most famous speedster has made headlines recently after it was revealed he would be included in the highly anticipated Avengers 2. Just days later, it was revealed that plans were in the works for Quicksilver to also appear in Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past. The dude is quick, but will he be able to handle two franchises at the once? He did it in the comics debuting in 1964's X-Men #4 and joining the Avengers in issue #16 just a year later. Lets take a sprint down memory lane and look at Quicksilver's previous forays into TV and  movies.

Quicksilver first appeared on screen during Captain America episodes of the Marvel Super Heroes along with sister and fellow mutant Wanda, the Scarlet Witch in 1966.

Quicky would by just a blurry memory for 30 years until his debut on X-Men: The Animated Series as a member of X-Factor.

For his next appearance, Quicksilver took a turn to the dark side as a member of X-Men Evolution's Brotherhood of Mutants.

In 2009, Quicksilver actually made his live action debut, in a little appreciated cameo within X-Men Origins: Wolverine along with other continuity bending appearances by Emma Frost and Cyclops. SO... the fact is the X-Men movie franchise used his first, even if not well (see also Gambit, Psylocke, Angel, or Juggernaut).

Once again a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Quicksilver raced back into animation in 2009's Wolverine and the X-Men.

Most recently, Quicksilver, sister, and daddy appeared in the Super Hero Squad Show episode Hexed, Vexed, and Perplexed. So, is he good? evil? mutant? Avenger? or all of the above? If anything, Pietro has a fluid future on the horizon.

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